Britons stepping foot on American soil might be asked for their personal information like social media usernames and passwords, or phone contacts lest they wanted to be denied entry to the country. This extreme measure stemmed from President Donald Trump and the current administration to further enhance the security of entry from other countries.

The inspecting will also be extended to other nations like France and Germany and could face disclosure of financial information as well as detailed questioning. The Telegraph reported US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly as saying, "We will do it when we think there's a reason to do it. The vast majority of people will not be questioned in that way."

Last February, Kelly also suggested the idea of asking what sites these tourists have visited and will ask for their passwords. That way, the U.S. government will see what they do on the internet. He said that if visitors refuse to be examined, then they shouldn't have come to the country. Border patrols will deny entry to those who wouldn't obey to the procedures.

Hindustan Times reported that while U.S. citizens may have rights over unlawful searches that invade their privacy, it is unclear whether other nationalities have the same privileges over the searches. After Trump's presidential inauguration, border patrols have been asking for phone and passwords already. Some people have their electronics searched for political or religious views.

Thousands protested over this practice where U.S. has to check your phone before allowing entry to tourists. President Trump has seen the policy on travel bans to Muslim-majority countries as well as laptop ban and electronics bigger than a cellphone.

Some people might change their passwords before entering the U.S. or turning a two-way verification process, but officials will only heighten their suspicion over the matter. The Telegraph reported US Customs and Border Patrol as saying, to keep America safe especially in the digital world, would require in their ability to "lawfully examine" things entering the U.S.