Not everyone is given the privilege to afford a first class flight--but you do not actually have to feel deprived while thinking how convenient and luxurious it is on the other side of the plane. Here are some hacks and tips that might be helpful in transforming your economy class flight into first class. 

1. Invest on comfy pillows. A long-haul flight can be quite exhausting. No flight is better than a comfortable one spending some cash on quality material will go a long way.

2. Find a perfect seat that you think is suited for you. Choosing the right seat on a crowded economy class flight wisely basically depends on the passenger. Others consider the seats over the wing section perfect for them while others choose the exit row. According to a traveller's testimony in Quora, other economy passengers prefer seating on rows with emergency exits because there are more legroom here compared to other seats in the plane. 

3. Buy noise-cancelling headphones. You might find these unnecessary at first, but when you are already on your flight, you will most likely think that it's worth it. Noise-cancelling headphones will totally give you a relaxed and quiet flight as it shuts down all the excessive and uncontrollable noise coming from the other passengers. According to the Traveller, your $100 will already give you a high-quality noise-cancelling headphones. 

4. Prepare your own meals. One of the most luxurious things that economy passengers envy from first-class travellers are the meals being served throughout the flight. So if you want to eat some decent meal, simply bring your own!

5. Sleep. This is actually the best thing to do if a passenger does not want to stress himself with all the noise and chaos in an economy class flight. If you are going to sleep all throughout the flight, you will also free yourself from being too exhausted and tired upon landing on your destination. Your own pillow, noise-cancelling headphones and an eye mask will definitely help you have a tight and comfortable sleep during your flight.

Whether you are riding on an economy class flight or enjoying the perks of the deluxe first class seat, always bear in mind that it is your destination that truly matters. Regardless of the type of airline seat you actually paid for, it is still the destination that gives you all the experiences and enjoyment you are looking for.