February 25, 2024 1:52 PM

economy class

American Airlines New Planes Might Have Less Legroom For Economy Class, Wants To Fit More Seats

American Airlines is planning to cut the distance between two seats by 2 inches of its economy class, bringing it down to a distance of 29 inches, so that the airline can fit 10 more seats in their new planes.


Five Hacks On How To Make Economy Flights Feel Like First Class

Travelling on an economy class flight but still feeling pity for yourself for not enjoying the luxurious first class seat? Worry no more because we listed some of the things that you can do to feel the first class indulgence even if you paid for an economy one.


Qatar Airways Launches World's Longest Commerical Flight From Doha To Auckland

The longest commercial flight was recently launched by Qatar Airways, from Doha to Auckland.


Airlines With The Best Food For Economy Class

Airline food in Economy Class doesn't have to be disappointing. There are airlines that serve the best food that is worth every penny.


Travel Tips: How To Enjoy Long-Haul Travel In Economy Class

Traveling in comfort doesn't have to mean flying first class. Here you'll know how you can enjoy your long-haul travel in economy class without spending tons of money.


Get Business Class Quality At An Economy Price - Simple Tips For Improving Your Flight

With air travel being used more and more often for work, and budgets getting tighter, many people who travel on business may not be allotted a seat at business class despite the need for a good night's rest and to recharge for work. However, here are the top five tips for anyone in economy class looking to customize their own experience and make the trip more comfortable without the added price tag.


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