Delta Air Lines has confirmed the return of its free complimentary economy-class meals to all passengers on selected long-haul flights beginning March 1, 2017. The free meals will take place on the cabin of flights between the Los Angeles Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. It will also be given to passengers for flights between JFK International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

According to the Travel Weekly, this multi-million dollar effort makes the Atlanta-based carrier the first airline to provide free meals for passengers with economy-class tickets. The complimentary meals will include sandwiches, continental breakfast, Luvo breakfast medley and fruit plates for early morning flights and veggie wraps and smoked turkeys for lunch.

Moreover, on April 24, Delta Air Lines will also be serving meals for other major routes such as Boston to Los Angeles, Boston to San Francisco, Boston to Seattle, Washington to LAX, Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, Seattle to Orlando, Seattle to Raleigh-Durham, New York's JFK to Portland, JFK to Ore, JFK to San Diego and lastly, JFK to Seattle.

According to Travel and Leisure, Delta Air Lines has also confirmed that the menu they are about to serve will be regularly modified depending upon seasonal and local ingredients that are available. For Delta Comfort+ passengers, there will be free beers, wine and spirits as well as a Greek frozen yogurt bar.

Delta Air Lines has already established a legacy in offering free meals to passengers way back 2001. However, because of the suits filed by other domestic airlines as well as the financial crisis which began in the year 2007, Delta Air Lines eliminated the complimentary meals for in-flight passengers.

Last year, the carrier started giving free meals to passengers as part of its customer satisfaction limited service test. The customer satisfaction polls revealed that passengers who received complimentary meals have given higher satisfaction rate to the airlines and this is what triggered the management to bring back its free meal offering to passengers.