After the immigration ban ordered by US President Donald J. Trump barring people from the seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US borders, American travellers are already doing precautionary measures as they start to cancel their scheduled flights to Mexico.

The recent survey conducted by MAST Travel Network among travel agents all over the US reveals that eight percent of them are currently experiencing cancellation of flights or adjustment to other destinations by clients who are originally booked for flights going to Mexico. The survey was conducted during the previous week and has involved a total of 166 travel agents.

In a report by Travel Weekly, President and Chief Operating Officer of MAST Travel Network John Werner said, "The intensifying issues of immigration, the border wall, and trade are, in my view, going to cause some customers to think twice about a vacation in Mexico if they feel they are not welcome. I don't believe anyone should feel that way, but based on our member survey, agents are hearing concerns from their clients."

Travel and Leisure also reports that 52 percent of the respondent of the survey claim that they have clients who directly speak out that they actually did not want to go to Mexico for reasons still unknown. However, for MAST Travel Network, Mexico is still undisputed as one of the most in-demand destinations for tourists and travellers of all sorts.

Travellers are said to be afraid of not being able to go back to America if the odds will lead Trump to ordering an immigration ban in Mexico in the near future. For the record, millions have been relatively affected by the travel ban issued by Trump just recently - from the business entities, scholars, professionals, overseas workers, tourists and all other travellers who were stranded in the affected countries for almost a week or two.

It can be recalled that aside from the immigration ban recently imposed by the president, Trump has also been noted to be continuously pushing for the formation of a border wall between the United States and Mexico even during his campaign for the 2016 US Presidential Elections last year. As of this day, despite the temporary restraining order issued by a Seattle judge over the said travel ban, it is still feared that Trump will once again order an immigration ban in the next few weeks.