July 21, 2024 6:57 PM

Donald Trump Travel Ban

Appeal Court's First Look At Revised Trump Travel Ban A 'Major Presidential Test'

The US Court of Appeals would review US President Donald Trump's executive order for the first time. The third revision of the order is said to focus on individuals entering the United States without a visa.


Five Bids For The Controversial Border Wall Between US And Mexico

The US-Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana will have a major facelift if any of the bidders would win. From solar panels to artworks, these are among the proposed projects of each organization.


Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's New Travel Ban

Hawaiian District Judge Derrick K. Watson shoots down the second executive order to temporarily ban visas from six Muslim-majority countries. The judge argued that the US government's "illogic" that targets Muslims "all at once" is unreasonable.


On Trump's Travel Ban: Many Americans Cancel Their Flights to Mexico

On a regular basis, many Americans are travelling in and out of Mexico for business purposes, vacations, or family visits. However, after the travel ban imposed by Trump few weeks ago, some of the Americans cancel their scheduled trips to Mexico.


Artists Stand On Ban, Wall of 700 Immigrants' Backpacks To Be Showcased At Manhattan Gallery

When President Donald Trump opts to have a wall built along the US Border against Mexico, artists made a stand on which side they are on in the immigration ban. The Manhattan Gallery has created their own wall of 700 immigrants' backpacks to acknowledge the migrants who illegally crossed the U.S. border that led some to their death.


MoMA Honors Artists From Banned Countries In NYC

Artists are making a stand against Donald Trump's immigration ban with New York's Museum of Modern Art replacing paintings by Picasso and Matisse to honor painters hailing from the seven Muslim-majority countries listed by the law. The uneasiness of the law before implemented on Jan. 27, had left the curators to hang the paintings the night before.


The Statue Of Liberty Was Patterned After Arab Woman

Amidst the ire and confusion over Donald Trump's immigration ban, stood the Statue of Liberty and the lady has a story of her own. Historians say that America's famous icon of freedom and diversity is based on Arab women.


US Travel Ban: The Reason Behind The Banning Of 7 Countries

US President Donald Trump recently declared a travel ban on seven Muslim-major countries. World leaders are now expressing different sentiments with the decisions. The big question now is what caused Trump to sign the executive order.


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