President Donald Trump wanted to have a border wall that separates America from Mexico in an attempt to dissuade immigrants from entering the country. Though it has gained a controversial take among citizens, some individuals created a rather less grim version of the border in a bid to lessen the tension escalating from both parties affected by it.

On April 4 deadline, interested parties have submitted their proposed look of the border wall. They will have to wait until June 1 for official announcements on what the US-Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana would look like.

The Gleason Partners LLC has proposed that the wall will install solar panels to cover some of its sections. The electricity generated from the project would benefit some patrol stations along Mexico and North America. Sales from the power will produce the generation of income and in a way, the wall can pay itself up.

Another company that would also like to install power on the border wall is Clayton Industries Inc., where they suggested of storing nuclear wastes, which are at least 100 feet or 30 meters deep. The bid also proposed of turning these wastes into energy, in which both parties can benefit.

Meanwhile, the Crisis Resolution Security Services Inc. and Concrete Contractors Interstate would like to make it a tourist attraction with the latter turning it into an artwork. Russ Baumgartner, CEO of the company, told CNBC that the wall should be "a piece of art." The Customs and Border Protection's solicitation also would like to have the border to be "aesthetically pleasing" and should be designed on both sides.

DarkPulse Technologies of Scottsdale, somehow, would like a wall that can endure any attacks. Dennis O'Leary shared to NBC New York that even the border can withstand a tank firing at it. Fiber sensors will be integrated into the wall, and a glossy coating will be placed to prevent trespassers.

Of course, many people still wanted to tear the wall down and have the immigration policy void and null.