It was on Sunday when the White House was expecting for the court to reaffirm President Donald Trump's executive power about the Muslim travel ban of some refugees and travelers from the seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States territory. The president criticized the federal judge who halted his executive order.

The signing of such executive order which happened a week ago resulted to a global misperception and hundreds of travelers and visa-holding immigrants were detained in different airports in the United States. Further, it even sparked massive protests from people around the globe and poured out several lawsuits against the Trump administration, Independent reported.

The president tweeted while on vacation that he cannot believe that a judge will put the country in such danger. Thus, he was putting the blame to the judge and to the court system to whatever may happen in the US. Further, he also added that courts were making the Department of Homeland Security very difficult.

The president Twitter post was meant to attack the federal Judge, James Robart who blocked the executive order which plunged the administration into a new crisis and challenge. Further, it was also the Washington DC who first filed for a lawsuit against the executive order. Mr. Robart added that the states have met their burden now that they face irreparable injury of the implementation of the executive order.

According to Time, Vice President Mike Pence defended the president by saying that Trump can criticize anybody he wants; only that the American people do not understand the president's mind. Senator Dianne Feinstein also said that the president is not a dictator but the chief executive of the country and this brings tension in the branches of the US government. Further, they had told the court of appeals that the president alone has the power to decide who can enter or stay in the US entity.