The flavors of Mexican cuisine are moulded by Mexico's rich history and tradition. Its influence has been embraced in different corners of the world which thereafter makes it one of the epitomes of the culinary scene. But little do we know that there are several things about Mexican cuisine that are not familiar to everyone. Here are some interesting facts that will absolutely amaze not only your palates but your minds, as well.

1. Maize is considered to be one of the most planted crops in Mexico. This is the reason why Mexicans formulated the idea of transforming these maize crops into tortillas which are now used in different Mexican dishes such as tacos and taquitos. But, from 1940s to 1980s, Mexican tortillas were originally canned. It was George N. Ashely of El Paso who first sold canned tortillas. As of the present day, you can no longer find any canned tortillas elsewhere in the world.

2. The cooking techniques and ingredients incorporated in the Mexican cuisine are absolutely distinctive. But according to the Acapulcos, Mexican cuisine was derived from the ancient Aztec and Mayan Indians. Over the years, Mexican cuisine has been developed with the local produce from Mexico such as corn, avocados, and tomatoes. It has also been fused with the Spanish influence which has definitely added an amazing spice and technique to each and every dish of the Mexican cuisine.

3. Contrary to common belief, Mexican food is actually healthy. There is always a misconception between the actual Mexican cuisine and tex-mex. But as a matter of fact, authentic Mexican foods are packed with proteins and all the nutrients that are needed by the body. According to Taco Time, Mexican dishes have relatively low calories and fats.

4. If you are not Mexican but you are wishing to learn the authentic Mexican style of cooking, you can take a trip to Mexico and attend several hands-on cooking classes. You will get to cook with the freshest Mexican produce, herbs, and endless varieties of Mexican spices. While learning how to cook the Mexican way, you will also be walked through the history and humble beginnings of every meal served in a classic Mexican dining.

5. The Mexican-favorite Tamales is among the oldest and most traditional dishes in the Mexican cuisine. This Mexican meal that is wrapped and served in palm leaves was believed to be originated 8,000 BCE by the Aztecs, Mayans and Incans. At present, Tamales has already been adopted and innovated in other parts of the world.