The culinary scene in Budapest celebrates the traditional Hungarian cuisine with the abundance of local meats and produce. Food on this side of Europe is also fused with influences of different cuisines around the world such as Asia. Exploring the gastronomic world in Budapest will definitely bring you to the rich culture and history of the traditional European cuisine. So if you are heading to Budapest to actually try it for yourself, here are some of the dishes that you absolutely must not miss.

Paprikás Csirke or the Chicken Paprikash is one of the most common and traditional dishes that is served not only in Budapest, but also in Hungarian-speaking regions. Paprikás Csirke is mostly made of paprika, a spice that is widely used in the cuisine of Budapest. This hearty dish is made from portions of chicken, sweet paprika or the edes nemes, sweet peppers, olive oil, and tomatoes. In the traditional set-up, Paprikas Csirke is often served with boiled egg noodles called "nokedli" which are much more like Chinese dumplings.

You must not leave Budapest without trying the Hungarian's all-time favorite, the deep-fried flatbread, also known as Langos. The flatbread is mostly composed of yeasts, salt, sugar, and flour that is mixed with either milk or water. Traditionally, Lángos is topped with sour cream, a generous amount of cheese, sausages or hams. According to The Culture Trip, others claim that Langos was influenced by the Turkish but some also say that the dish was from the ancient Romans. Wherever it may came from, this is definitely one of the must-try dishes in the capital of Hungary.

Beef Goulash has been a favorite comfort food of the cowboys in Hungary, Elle Croft says. It is a traditional Hungarian stew or soup that is mixed with vegetables and beef that is simmered to perfection and is flavored with a liberal amount of paprika. This one's an in-demand meal not only in Budapest, but in other parts of Europe as well. This dish is also considered to be among the national dishes of Hungary that defines the rich culinary tradition of the country.

Dubbed as "Hungary's favorite cake", you must definitely not miss the Somloi Galuska in your Budapest food trip. This base of this luscious dessert are slices of sponge cake topped with whipped cream, walnuts and a kick of rum. This has been served in the Hungarian dining tables since 1950--at present, a lot of versions of the Hungarian favorite, Somlói Galuska, has been created.

Kurtoskalacs, also known as the Chimney Cake, is a freshly-made treat that's shaped like that of a real steaming chimney. This specialty pastry was only served during festivities and special occasions, but as years went by, it started to be served on a daily basis regardless of the occasion or the time of the day. This one's cooked through traditional charcoal and is dipped in a sugar syrup that is quite addicting!