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Five Best Filipino Restaurants in Los Angeles

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Feb 25, 2017 05:55 AM EST

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Los Angeles, California is home to a big Filipino community, so you'll be able to find a lot of Philippines restaurants here. If you're craving some authentic Filipino cuisine on this side of America, here are some of the places you can check out. 

Barrio Fiesta

Originating from the province of Pampanga in the Philippines, Barrio Fiesta has become a household name for authentic Filipino dishes -- like the nutty and rich Kare-Kare, the Crispy Pata (deep-fried pig leg), and Dinuguan. The restaurant's festive design is a wonderful complement to these dishes as well. 

Max's Restaurant

Max's trademark dish is its crispy Filipino-style juicy fried chicken paired with its orginal banana ketchup. A Filipino has decided to bring the flavors of Max's Restaurant to Glendale so as to lift other Filipinos who are already missing home. 


Filipinos will never be Filipinos without their most favorite Silogs. 'Si' stands for "SInangag" or fried garlic rice while 'log' stands for "itLOG," which is either fried or boiled egg.  According to Discover Los Angeles, a couple from Quezon City, Philippines decided to put up SILOG at the Victory Plaza in Torrance. Aside from the famous "silogs", they also serve other Filipino classics such as Sisig and Adobo-flavored chicken wings.

Bahay Kubo

The term "Bahay Kubo" is commonly used by Filipinos when they are referring to traditional Filipino native houses made of bamboo. The Bahay Kubo restaurant in Los Angeles will absolutely give you a hint of what it feels like to be in a traditional Filipino set-up, from its interior design, utensils, the crew uniforms, and most especially, the food. Thsi place has been filling hungry tummies with some of the best renditions of the classic Filipino dishes for years.


One of the must-try dishes here is the famous Bulalo--oxtail and bones that simmered for hours together with beef cheeks, potatoes, cabbage, green beans, onions and steaming hot broth. Other menu items include Sinigang, Pancit Miki, and other classic Filipino favorites. 

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