Peru is home to ancient civilizations from the Empire of Inca to the Pre-Colombian civilization. It is where some of the world's greatest archeological sites are found, making it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in in South America. And if you are planning to witness and experience the geographical wonders of this country, here are some of the things that you must know.

1. Discovering and experiencing the sites of Inca requires a lot of energy and endurance. You will actually encounter several sharp steps when you are on your way to the Machu Picchu commonly called as the "Gringo Killer." Before seeing the entire beauty of these sites, travellers may need to walk through long trails and climb through high and rough stone walls.

2. Peru will never be the way it is without is world-famous ceviche. This seafood dish has been one of the most popular and most delicious dishes in the country. And if you are on your way to tasting Peru's best plate of ceviche, make sure to do it in the morning--the ingredients are fresher during this time of the day, Park Sleep Fly says.

3. Upon arrival to Peru, do not go straight to the Machu Picchu. Instead, make your way to Lima, the capital and largest city, CNN says.  Lima lies along the Pacific coast where travellers can get a breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean. This is also where the Museo Larco and Museo de la Nación are found. These museums are home to Peru's Pre-colombian art collection and ancient Peruvian civilizations.

4. The Spanish language is the predominating language in Peru. It might be difficult for you to do transactions with taxi drivers or to local store vendors if you use purely the English language. Signage and posters are in Spanish, too. So if you are going to visit, make sure to learn some of the simplest and most common Spanish words.

5. Be a smart traveler. There are guys in Peru who pretend to be real taxi drivers. They tend to offer you a ride, drive you far from the center of the city, and thereafter rob your belongings and leave you behind. So before you agree to ride on a taxi, make sure that you are riding is legit and has some sign of registration on the cab's dashboard or window.