If there is one thing about Taipei that makes it special among other places in Asia, it is definitely their love for street food. Aside from the mouth-watering food stalls in night markets, this city has an overwhelming number of street stores that serve the best, most diverse munchies at any time of the day. If you are going on a food trip to Taipei, here are some of the best items that you must not miss. 

1. Beef noodle soup

Beef noodle soup is not just a typical comfort food in Taipei. It has been a subject of a number of clashes between the best cooks and chefs in all of Taiwan. This sumptuous bowl of noodle soup actually has its own festival where every competitive chefs battle to win the title of being the Beef Noodle King. So if you are going to Taipei, never go home without slurping a steaming hot beef noodle soup.

2. Stinky Tofu

The street food industry in Taipei will never be the same without the stinky tofu. This dish that is made from tofu that is fermented for long has been a staple in the Taiwanese culinary scene. According to Gothamist, stinky tofu can either be served fried or boiled and is topped with pickled cabbage or chili peppers, depending upon the type of cook you choose.

3. Fried chicken

According to CNN, the people here are mad about fried chicken. As a matter of fact, the average fried chicken consumption of Taiwanese people per day can reach to over 250,000 chicken cutlets. Fried chicken here is served into overwhelming huge cutlets, but there are also stores that sell popcorn chicken that is sliced into easy bite-sized pieces.

4. Pork blood cake

Originated after the World War II, the recipe of pork blood cake was put together when people tried to think a cheaper alternative to meat. It is basically pork blood that is combined with sticky rice and is skewered on a stick--so it goes without saying that it's not exactly appealing. But give it a shot! The taste of pork blood cake is typically better than it looks. 

5. Taiwanese sausage

Flavored with a generous amount of garlic and rice wine, these are sweeter compared to their western counterparts. Street food stalls that sell Taiwanese sausage often skewer the sausages and grill them. They are also commonly served with raw garlic on top.