There's no need now to go far away to see one of the best places in the world, it's actually just right at all American's doorstep according to Travel + Leisure. Definitely, Charleston, South Carolina will be one of running 2017's hottest travel destinations. And all the excellent things to do in the city will be brought to light in here, the best places, attractions, and adventures in a single news.

In the previous reports, Charleston, South Carolina made a headline when Travel + Leisure awarded it as the world's best city. In fact, Forbes quoted it saying: "Charleston is a remarkably dynamic place, so it's no surprise that it has achieved its highest ranking ever in our survey as the year's best city in the world."

How did Charleston it? Indeed the southern charm is a prime tourist location. Thus, Huffington Post lists some of the things to do in the city. Starting with Sullivan's and Fort Beach surfing hub, it is the haven for water activity seekers, up next Battery's Fort Sumter will also satisfy the eyes of vacationers with its mix of then and now.

Furthermore, the food and drinks are also a great addition to Charleston, South Carolina feat. The place has to-die-for seafood and She-crab-soup is one of their best dishes from it. Whereas blended mudslide cocktails and mason jar margarita are also vacationers' favorite, they are best enjoyed while sitting outside with country song playing.

Other things are shared by TripAdvisor, notably walking tours, boat tours, and historical tours are the organized ways to see more of Charleston, South Carolina. Although, biking, strolling, and meeting people around Arthur Ravenel Bridge, Charleston Waterfront Park, and Battery & White Point Gardens are also a great way to bond with family and friends.

To conclude, South Carolina's Charleston truly deserves Travel + Leisure Magazine award with all its overflowing tourist destinations and activities.