For those still looking for an accommodating travel agency to get the most amazing vacation ever, try Google Trips instead. It's the newest free travel application launched to perform like any traveler's personal tour assistant. From planning to the actual trip, this is the most fantastic innovation yet. To those who haven't heard it, here's everything. All will be listed here to help optimize the app's service.

According to Popsugar, the travel app works both on Android and iOS. It's a free downloadable planning guide which can detail the entire vacationer's need.

How does it work? NY Times actually listed all just now. Starting from being a trip planner, it offers an excellent personalizing guide from its ready-made 200 major-city itineraries around the world. Just through Google mail, it will anonymously show other users' upcoming and previously completed plans. From there click on a future trip and begin customizing. There are six categories to choose from: Reservations, Things to Do, Saved Places, Day Plans, Food & Drink and Getting Around. 

Nonetheless, Google doesn't focus on the planning side but they want to bring another angle on it. In a report by the Verge, it highlights Google Product Management Vice-President Richard Holden's words, "We're doing a great job on the planning stages, but we really need to help consumers when they're actually at their destination."

Finally, its features will save the traveler for more expenses. While on the destination, Things to do guide will be the vacationer's buddy. It's the actual heart of the app. It's an interactive app where it can point best itineraries based on customizing, it can even be put on a time limit like "1 hour in New York. All the best things to do will be showed by it, even considering weather and time.