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Business & Travel Tips: The Ultimate Guide On ‘Bleisure’ Trips

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 08, 2017 07:40 AM EST

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Perhaps many wonder what's 'bleisure', apparently, it's the new term to describe business and leisure in one. There have been a number already of reports allocated for it, but here it will be everyone's ultimate guide. Find out how to make the best of business-oriented trips while enjoying being a tourist on the side.

Accordingly, the advent of emerging job and technology trends make employees now include their personal time while working. Apparently, this is all about stretching a worker's vacation leaves. What's its advantage? British Public Relations Advisor Stuart Bruce said, "It makes the stress of business travel more bearable."

In optimizing 'bleisure', the Telegraph suggests doing three simple things. First, make sure to pick the right location where one can do business and access the best attractions in the area. In relation, researching before hand is a good strategy to find out where are the hotels and transport areas for better convenience. Hence, spotting serviced apartment helps to allocate more expenses for pleasure as well. Second, use weekends for the trip. Why? Because on or before the business arrangements, it can be a good time to unwind.

For the third, time management should also be included in the travel. Listing down all possible activities to do can make hugely help; through it, time can be wisely divided for all the business and leisure plans. With it, booking ahead of time is also applicable, to overlapping it's nice to get in touch with the possible attractions the traveler can already get hold. This works well with restaurants, transports service, and other attractions.

When all the 'bleisure' trips are now, the business and leisure side are stated already. It will also be nice to work around the freebies the employee can get. Sometimes, hotels offer night social gatherings and it's a nice time to gather network while relaxing. Finally, just enjoy the remaining time before getting back in action.

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