"Stranger Things" brought the house down last year, it was even awarded as one of Google's 2016 trending show. Definitely, this science fiction-horror web television installment gathered millions of viewers. For all, here's an exploration of the filming locations where every scene of the Netflix series happened. The actual house and area where the cast filmed will be included.

According to Forbes, "Stranger Things" is one of Netflix's "pitch perfect" original shows; everything about it can top the other running series on the network right now. The mystery and suspense it brings is a living testament to its literary beauty. Surely, all the stated entertainment it brought came from the setting where everything happened.

Mike and Nancy Wheeler's House, Stone Mountain and Bellwood Quarry are the most notable places when it comes to "Stranger Things" filming locations. For the first, it's the Wheeler siblings' fictional home, on the first season, this is where Nancy rejected Steve's advance before Barb got lost. It is situated in 2530 Piney Wood Ln East Point, GA; it's a nice looking home that could pass for the tie setting the series opts to.

While the latter two "Stranger Things' filming locations are the more tourist friendly for all. In here, the fans can actually go around Atlanta's vacationer destinations. In fact, Stone Mountain is really an amusement park where guests can secure a hotel room or a campsite. It's an all-around entertainment center.

Moreover, Bellwood Quarry is a natural park; it's a massive 45-acre lake drinking water reservoir. "Stranger Things" Fans will get more physical in here because of the hiking, biking, baseball field, and open grass area attractions it offers. Remarkably, some places in the area have been used already for some TV series filming as well.

To conclude, it will be nice to travel down Atlanta, Georgia and get into "Stranger Things" hype also. For latest news and updates, keep following Travelers Today.