Recently, "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 along with Benedict Cumberbatch had its TV screen comeback already. The fans were all clamoring for more news regarding their highly-anticipated show. So, it's fun to retrace the filming locations where the actual scene happens. Definitely, it will be all a travelers' dream to have a grand vacation while seeing their most favorite actors on the side.

According to the Guardian, the TV version of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book is encouraging more travelers to visit the famous European locations on the literary piece. Remarkably, their London adventure will not only be a road to acquainting themselves to its authenticity, but also gracing Cumberbatch's Bristol film locations.

In a report by Metro, it said that the cast will be seen on Lambeth Bridge, Vauxhall, and Borough Market. Accordingly, the places can be a traveler's haven because of its central London feels.

With the regards to the setting of the "Sherlock Holmes" series, it opts for a late century ambiance; hence Lambeth brings them to it. The place is a mix of brick and stucco neighborhood; the actual bridge connects to Thames, it's where the actual scenes were taken. Whereas with Vauxhall, the connected streets were called "Little Portugal" of Europe, there are authentic Portuguese diners and establishments to entertain everyone. This was featured in some of the action-packed Cumberbatch moments.

Now, Borough Market, the most renowned food and drink market of London City. The travelers will enjoy its rich tradition, seeing it is like looking into old Europe. Surely, the "Sherlock Holmes" cast and crews saw its one-of-a-kind heritage that let them decide to use it for the show.

Lastly, North Gower Street, London's Chinatown, Carlton Terrace, South Bank State Park, and St. Bath Hospital are also part of the previous installments scenes. Notably, they are also must-visit locations.