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Europe’s Best Universities: Where To Find Them

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 07, 2017 06:32 AM EST

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Indeed, traveling and education can actually mix together. With regards to it, some students thrillingly transfer in schools abroad to get the best learning. Therefore, here are Europe's best universities and where to find them, now anyone can see the romantic place all-over-the-world while getting the most lucrative degree.

Studying abroad has a lot of benefits, all the experiences is a goo for a bankable job in the future. More so, the allure is all about seeing the world and immersing in a new culture. According to many studies, Europe is one of the best places to do exchange learning.

Higher Education's report should be the determining factor in choosing the best universities abroad, especially in London, Europe. In 2016, University of London got the first palace globally. Starting on, "UL" boasts the history as it's the third oldest university in the whole of England. If a traveler is in for world-class schooling and in-depth English culture, his best option is this. Its teaching and research programs are the most sought after, assuredly there's already a job offer after here.

Moreover, London School of Economics and Political Science is also one of the top contenders of Europe's best universities. In here, travelers who want intensive finance education can fit well; they have the highest-quality economics, finance, and accounting degrees all over the continent. Additionally, surveys prove that its graduates are immediately hired by giant companies, so employment isn't a problem with it too.

Apparently, the two schools are all in the heart of London. It only means that looking around it is also convenient. What to see around? The nearest tourist attractions in the universities are London's eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, and more. Finally, England's capital doesn't run out of adventures for its visitors.

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