According to many experts, Portugal is one of Europe's most sought after tourists' destination today. And when is it better to visit, of course while dollars is at record high! Make the most out of the situation and see more of what's the travel hype. See the Portuguese fairytale coastline, taste Minho's wine, and explore Lisbon's streets.

Recently, Brexit is storming Europe's economy, and many are affected with it. Much as well the travel industry, although for American it might be on the good side. 

According to Huffington Post, scenery, food, wine, museums, and adventures are the key words when looking for new things to try in Portugal. Notably, higher dollar rates can provide extra cash to experience all of it. Starting on the capital city, Lisbon, its boast city-life feats mixed with history. Commonly, bars and restaurants crowd this area but museum visits and small treks also receive praise here.

Next, Minho's wine region attracts visitors because of its white range of authentic drinks. Additionally, the picturesque fairytale view makes it a more worthwhile exploration.

Furthermore, Comporta and Azores will be any traveler's dream water activities destination. Remarkably, Azores is named as the "Portugal's Hawaii" or "The next Iceland". People enjoy its privacy, as it seems it's not yet on the international limelight yet. Likewise, they like the diversity of things to do on the islands. Some are whale watching, rappelling, and free diving. Anyone can do it now on a better rate with dollar's upscale rate benefit.

In a report by, it highly recommends to go immediately and experience what it can offer. The recent 22% influx of American tourists in the area can make a huge change in the future. It could be crowded any time now; lastly, it's good to use dollars advantages at the moment!

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