JetBlue Airways saves all travelers' dilemma for an airline ticket; remarkably its flash-sale brings it as low as $34 today! Learn more about the crazy fare drop here, when, where, and how to get it. Also, get ideas about the amazing destinations it offers and the affordable price for each. Notably, it's a dream come true for those planning a nice trip.

To start, the sale is just a 48-hour flash which will end on January 11, 2017 (11:59 EST). Seat availability and booking interactions will be online. Moreover, the passengers must save early because the travel period will only be from January 18 until March 8. Technically, it's the company's winter promotion, although it can also be a good Valentine marketing. Incredibly, it covers the romantic date but not February 17 to February 26, it's their one-week blackout.

With regards to the destinations and prices, the JetBlue's official website lists down about a hundred of their flights. They have fares below $100 on (West Palm Beach) Florida, (Charleston) South Carolina, (Las Vegas) Nevada, (Long Beach) California and more. Indeed, their ranges from the lowest $34 dollars to the highest $230.

Moreover, USA Today adds that JetBlue's sale will cover their Blue tag fare, it means some fare's inclusions will not be covered by the discounted amount. Some of the exclusions will be free checked and extra capacity baggage. Accordingly, this type of marketing is done to answer the dwindling airline sale after the holiday season. From mid-January to March, people focus on saving before they will again splurge on sunny vacations. Indeed, there will be no sales for the companies and they need to do something to retract the effects of it.

To conclude, travelers will really save a lot for JetBlue's flash sale! Though, everyone just need to be fast in reserving a seat because they go instantly. For more travel news and updates, keep following Travelers Today.