With the new year comes new travel plans, definitely a whole year of a bucket list is already done by avid vacationers. And for those who want to have a romantic feel, here are the "Best Secret Getaways for An Ultimate Romantic Bucket List." Surely, these places will be great locations to ignite more passion with each other.

Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know the most important person in your life. More so, a stronger connection will come out which is good for any relationship. 

In Philippine's Tagaytay, Rappler described it as a great place to start getting to know one another. A nice wintry weather and a picturesque view will truly be excellent ingredients in any budding relationship. Thus, it should be on "Best Secret Getaways for An Ultimate Romantic Bucket List." For those who plan to see the area, it's on the country's main island Luzon and just 1-2 hours shy from the capital city of Manila.

Incredibly, Tagaytay is also the home of world's smallest volcano; its view can be enjoyed while sipping a traditional hot chocolate from the road cliff restaurants. For adventurous lovers, riding in the nation tallest Ferries Wheel will be a memorable feat, if they are looking for more they can instead go for a day volcano trek.

Additionally, taking a trip on Alp's St. Moritz is heavily recommended by National Geographic as one of the "Best Secret Getaways for An Ultimate Romantic Bucket List." Supposedly, it's another dreamy place where relationships can strengthen.

Lastly, St. Moritz is actually honeymooner's destinations but it can also be lovely for those who want to deepen their love. Its activity highlights are visiting Segantini Museum, riding Bernina Express' breathtaking Europe to Pushclay railway, and Skiing along Piz Nair Wall. Other places are also included in the video below.