Mainly, the beautiful city of Hong Kong is flocked because of Disney Land, while affordable shopping ranks second. Though here will be unexplored travel ideas travelers didn't know much until today. Apparently, there more unfamiliar places and adventures to try in the place! These are recently discovered "Fragrant Harbor" jewels that people will love.

According to TripAdvisor, the most common activities tourists enjoy in Hong Kong are scenery sightseeing, cultural & historic tours, and nightlife venturing. Apparently, the place is really rich with things to enjoy for those who want to spend time strolling around. 

With regards to the unfamiliar Hong Kong travel ideas, there are two of them. The first is about the city's newly opened Morty's, though out of Chinese tradition and it bursts with American delicacy. Notably, vacationers don't need to worry because Founder & Owner Gerald Li is a Chinese. Indeed, the food will be an interesting mix of cultures.

For the last one, it's all about shopping! Definitely, vacationers come in Hong Kong because of it. And here the unfamiliar part will all be the city's best places and goodies to get, surely everyone wants to know where to get the finest deals. Remarkably, Mong Kok is the only place to see when searching for souvenirs; it's just divided in different districts.

Moving on, Toy collectibles and tech gadgets, Mong Kok Computer Centre and marketplace are the parts for them. Whereas Sneaker Street is the shoe addicts' haven, it boasts all the international brands at very low price. On the other side, Fa Yuen Street amazingly sells diverse products of fashionable clothing to fresh produce. Lastly, the Ladies Market will be all women's dream binge place! Although, this area is the most known for counterfeits as well.