South Korea has taken the world by storm once again! Now, it's all about their latest bizarre "Jamsu" makeup technique. Accordingly, beauty experts are labeling it as the best key to getting that perfect matte skin finish everyone dreams of. In here will be a closer look how to do it and all the things to know about this Asian secret.

According to Popsugar, "Jamsu" or "submerging" is a mind-boggling step of applying face make ups covered with loose powder first before dunking one's face in cold water. Notably, It can make an incredibly matte and smudge-proof skin.

How to do it? Fabulously, Vogue tells all how to ultimately achieve South Korea's perfect "Jamsu". Starting with cleansing and moisturizing, beauties don't need to stop it. Then begin with the face make-ups: primer, foundation, and concealer. Take note that there is no required brand for the three, and it can be the usual everyone uses. After, get a loose powder and pat on the face, it should look like a "pale kabuki-style base."

If everything's all set with the face, ready a bowl and fill it with water. Remarkably, cold water is much effective. And, it's now the right time to do the plunge! Make sure to dip all over the powdered portions of the face for no more than 30 seconds. Lastly, pat face with a towel and go along with the rest of finishing a make-up look.

Moreover, Cosmopolitan reports two Youtubers who have different reactions for South Korea's "Jamsu" technique. One says it's dissatisfying while the other gives her vote of love. Accordingly, it's about perfecting the act and finding ways to achieve the best result. Some factors may vary like with powder and dipping time for everyone.

In all, it's really a must worthwhile Asian beauty secret. For latest offbeat news, keep following Travelers Today.