For many travelers, the newer the adventure the better! Therefore, get ready for a brand new horror themed vacation. Here are the top 5 scariest authentic haunted hotels around America, and they are all definitely open for occupancy for every brave guest. From ghost stories to actual haunting, all the new tourist chilling destinations will make everyone come back for another visit.

For starters, Popsugar introduces the best three horror hotels in New Orleans, San Antonio, and New York City. Most often, history and ghost hunting are related to one another and it's the same with Hotel Provincial. The New Orleans' classic beauty stands on the ground of an old Civil War hospital where hundreds of soldiers died, and they are reported to still visit sometimes.

The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio is likewise a place of American horror. Apparently, it was an authentic medical building long before it was transformed 10 years ago. Lastly, Hotel Chelsea which was once the proudest building in New York City. According to Sid Vicious, it is a vortex of death and love. Perhaps, he felt that way after his girlfriend Nancy's death and now they are said to be the famous ghosts roaming around.

Huffington Post and Conde Nast Traveler additionally conclude the list with each of their scariest horror hotels. Initially, the Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City is said to house the suicidal "Effie," she was brutally impregnated and locked away before she killed herself. Even Miami Heat's Justise Winslow and Tyler Johnson experienced her presence when they stayed in the lodging house.

American Horror Stories limelight shed some to Hotel Cecil of Los Angeles. Accordingly, it's labeled as one of the most cursed addresses in America. The TV series followed the real-life story of Elisa Lam, she was found dead in the lodge's tank when the water needed to be checked for blackish color and pungent smell. She was last seen entering inside the haunted elevator.