Many celebrities are getting into hotel vacationing hype today, even to the degree of owning some of it. Accordingly, Hollywood Star Robert De Niro will be opening two brand new luxurious Nobu Hotels in Chicago and London this year. Here is a closer look on everything they entail. It is definitely nice to hear what's new about his latest feats after his last Asian establishment got labeled as the world's worst.

In the latest report, award-winning actor Robert De Niro and his business partner Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is said to expand their indulgent line once again in America. This time it will be in Chicago, their Nobu Hotel will be part of the wide 2017 hotel openings in the area. The new place will apparently feature 83 fancy hotel rooms and a 10,000 square foot Japanese-Latin restaurant. It's surely a site to see with its 8-11 planned story floors.

Moreover, the two renowned businessmen are also busy for their London Central hotel line. Indeed, Conde Nast Traveler quoted the part-owner De Niro saying, "The Wellington Hotel would honor the heritage of the area while bringing the best of what we've done in New York to London." Specifically, it will be housed in Covent Garden along Chanel and Dior Stores in Wellington Street, Tavistock, Burleigh, and Exeter streets.

After Robert De Niro's Nobu Hotel Manila failure, it's nice to hear the latest innovations the grandiose establishments are having. Supposedly, the last 2015 review was done by Luxury Travel Intelligence; they anonymously check in to observe the overall performance of all its members. In spite of the bad year, the establishment persevered and was taken off from 2016 top list. Now, it's moving on with good talks and was given high praises by other booking sites.

In all, De Niro's major Nobu openings this year will add spice to all planning to take a star like vacations. Surely, it will be once again an addition to the booming travel industry.