Spending holidays in a stunning mythological destination is a dream, indeed it can now happen just by coming to Greece's Lemnos Island. This place was born out of Hephaestus' lore, and in the modern times, it's slowly becoming a legend of its own. Travelers will surely have a great time enjoying its adventurous water sports, flavorsome wines, and fabled thousand-year-old thermal spa.

Lemnos Island should really be in any one's vacation bucket list this year, its elegant Grecian folklore will surely make anyone fall in love. Travelers will surely come back for more when they experience its splendor.

Lemnos Village Resort, Neilson Neilson Portomyrina Palace Beach, Traditional Hotel Varos Village, and Panorama Plati are the most suggested lodgings TripAdvisor gives for anyone planning a relaxing trip to Lemnos Island. Each of the accommodations brings a fresh perspective of Hephaestus legendary site, all of them gives access to its ocean front.

Discovering Hephaestus's coastal area and things to do in here is the way to get to know it more. According to Express, the Greece's secret gem provides the best adventurous water sports such as "yachting and windsurfing to waterskiing, catamarans, sailing, and even a trial scuba dive." All of these seem to be the "biggest attractions" the place can give, although its vast waters are also simply beautiful.

For vacationers looking for the best of Lemnos Islands' amazing landmarks, it's now time to seek for it delectable wine and unforgettable thermal spa which Mirror heavily suggests. Supposedly, the place hides the famed Chatzigeorgiou winery where the most delicious eight white-flavored cocktails come from.

After getting a nice buzz, heading to a soothing R & R is the best! This is widely offered by Lemnos Island from their thousands of years hot springs. Experience the most unforgettable thermal spa ever by dipping into Hephaestus's waters. In all, the island may provide simple reasons for tourists to come but they are all mystical.