Tourism industries around the world have grown massively in the last few years. More people are now into traveling and experiencing the best of the world than never before. Likewise, many vacation hubs are slowly facing its side effects. In here are the tourist exploration's threatening effects and how to avoid them.

When traveling, vacationers are really into new adventures that are why it's better to go to places unexplored. Accordingly, many just recently discovered places like Venice's Chiogga and Iceland's Reykjavik which are now getting more people to visit them. 

According to United Nations Environment Program, there are actually three impacts but it lies heavy about nature and economy. For the environment's dangerous effect, it can gradually destroy resources where it depends on. Most of the time, trees and other natural are turned into hotels and other buildings to accommodate travelers. This greatly changes the landscape of the destinations. Likewise, it can also spear loss investments for economic results.

In other report, National Parks also shares frightening negative effects of tourism. Accordingly, it opens door for severe cases of littering, erosion, fire, and vandalism while it only can also add to traffic congestion and pollution. Moreover, local people can also be massively affected! How? Local goods, food, housing, and crafts get more expensive because of it as well.

For examples of places where the adverse effects of tourism are terrible, Independent highlights Venice, Iceland, Cambodia, and Barcelona. Apparently, they are currently the most affected across the globe. The struggle is all about "overcrowding," even the locals now can't tour their own place because of it.

Lastly, tourism may have negative effects but these last years are clearly a huge improvement for everyone. Perhaps, learning how to be responsible travelers can make tourism industry a more useful tool for everyone to experience the most amazing attractions and adventures of a tourist place.