Most of the time, pet owners would think twice about traveling. They simply can't let their dogs, cats, or pets down while they roam the other part of the world. That's can be reversed now! Go off on an adventure and bring any pet on these stunning place where they are accepted and allowed.

In a prior report by Travelers Today, it highlights the good benefits of the law today on bringing pets along on plane travels. There are now a lot of ways where the vacationer's dog or cat can cuddle with them on the cabin or they can stay in their kennel while relaxing. 

For getting ready for a pet-friendly travel, Conde Nast Traveller shares one website where it compiles all possible locations travelers can go with their furry friends. How does it work? Collarfolk is an animal-friendly trip guide for every dog or cat parents. Although, the downside of it is it's just currently working in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru which are all Indian Destinations.

On the other hand, BBC highlights their list of dog-friendly hotel destinations where vacationers can book as well. "We have witnessed a huge increase in demand for pet-friendly hotels, and guests wanting to travel with their animals," this is what says on the same report. Because of the huge influx, Park Hyatt Vienna, Milestone Hotel London, Chester Mayfield Hotel London, and Hotel Bristol already jumped on the hype.

While the Telegraph highly recommended other pet-friendly destinations, this time it's all about cats. The loving furry parents can now enjoy traveling worldwide from Tashirojima (Japan), Hermitage (St. Petersburg), Houtong (Taiwan), Hemingway's Cat (Florida), Inle Lake (Myanmar), to Algonquin Hotel (New Yok). Each of the sites can accept day tours or reservations for an enjoyable vacation ever with a pet twist!

In all, holiday travels are now easier with all these pet-friendly destinations. For more travel news, keep following Travelers Today.