June 17, 2024 3:40 PM


These Countries Are The Happiest, Richest, Most Crime-Free In The World

A London based, think tank group released the resullt of its study on 142 countries on determining the richest, happiest and most crime-free countries.


Spending $2 For A Michelin-Starred Food: Cheapest Restaurant With Top Chefs

Looking for a place with cheapest high quality food? Try these bargain Michelin-starred restaurant around the world.


Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites Unlocked: Get To Know The Most Important Landmarks In The World

The best art is created by nature and the greatest protégé of nature are his people.


Five Of The Most Difficult Languages You'll Ever Learn

Learning a different language sure is hard enough to make your nose bleed. In the positive side, being able to speak different languages is very beneficial may it be for business, traveling or even just for engaging with people all over the world. This article discusses about five languages that are said to be the most difficult to learn.


Top 5 Countries Where Most Beautiful People Live

Dating website that accepts profiles only from attractive individuals makes a list on the top countries with the most beautiful people.


Ebola Out Of Control [PHOTOS + VIDEO]: West Africa Devastated, Highest Death Toll Reaches 330 People, WHO Criticized

Ebola out of control in West Africa continues to make headlines as death toll reaches 330, the highest since Ebola outbreak in 1976 with 280 deaths. Ebola out of control in West Africa becomes more and more apparent with medics saying that the 'Ebola virus is totally out of control' and they are losing the fight against the disease. According to a senior medic, doctors are now stretched to their limits attempting to control the situation and stop Ebola out of control.


Children Hurt Cannon Explosion: Three Utah Children Hospitalized After Orem Summerfest Parade Cannon Explodes

Children hurt cannon explosion occurred as a supposed Civil War re-enactment on Saturday turned into almost the real thing. The 10-year-old children hurt cannon explosion were reportedly rushed to the hospital as some were also engulfed in flames after the cannon malfunctioned at the Orem Summerfest parade.


Lake Whitney House Fire: $700,000 Texas Cliff Mansion Set On Fire By Owners

Lake Whitney house fire oddly took place as Texas homeowners set their own $700,000 mansion on fire. The owners who set the Lake Whitney house fire and reportedly decided it themselves as their house was teetering and crumbling over the edge of a Lake Whitney cliff for weeks.


Montana Texting While Driving: Montana Remaining State To Ban Texting On The Road

Montana texting while driving is now making headlines as the state is the only one in the U.S. allowing the act of texting while driving. Even as a new law took effect in South Carolina during the week banning the act, Montana texting while driving is still legal.


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