Learning a different language sure is hard enough to make your nose bleed. In the positive side, being able to speak different languages is very beneficial may it be for business, traveling or even just for engaging with people all over the world. Although most languages differ from one another, learning how to speak and write them is not impossible. However, it does require lots of time, effort, and even exposure to be able to learn a new language. According to 25 List and Business Insider, the study of the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S., here are some of the languages considered to be the most difficult to learn especially for a native English speaker.

  • Chinese

 The Chinese language is being used in many different parts of the world such as Singapore, China,  and  Taiwan. Some schools like those in the Philippines even include Mandarin in their curriculum. The  Chinese language uses characters rather than letters. It also uses tones to identify a certain meaning.

  • Vietnamese

 The Vietnamese language is the main language used in Vietnam. Due to its history, Vietnamese  acquired some of its word from the Chinese and French language. Just like the Chinese language,  Vietnamese also uses tones and some of its symbols have accents.

  • Korean

 The Korean language has been very popular due to the widespread of Korean entertainment. It is  the main language used in Korea. Just like the Chinese language, Korean also uses characters instead of  letters. Some of its characters also come from Chinese. It differs from the English language through its  sentence construction.

  • Arabic

 The Arabic language is mostly used by the people in Egypt. The Arabic language today came from  the early Arab language that existed during the 6th century. It has few vowels and is quite different from the majority of European languages. Its alphabet also differs greatly from those of the English alphabet.

  • Japanese

 Just like the Chinese and Korean language, Japanese also uses characters. It is the most commonly  used language in Japan. Japanese is not that different from the Chinese language. It has tons of  characters and an intricate system of honorifics. It has 3 different writing systems and 2 syllabary systems.

Since the world is now more open globally, learning different languages will be of great help. Though these 5 languages are known to be the most difficult to learn, with lots of studying, practicing and patience, soon you'll be able to familiarize these languages. Here are more known difficult languages to learn: