Emirates Airline recently launched an intriguing addition to their first class service, the "sea-kelp" moisturizing pajamas. This new amenity supposedly isn't a startling inclusion as usual companies really provide them for their passengers. Although, the fun here is the way it's made! Many people are now wondering what is its intense quality is used for.

Long hours of being kept in an enclosed space are really terrible, this is the reason why airline travelers opt to pay a higher amount of money for a better business class set up.

According to Mirror, the "sea-kelp" moisturizing pajamas are made to counteract the dehydrating effects of humidified cabins on passengers. It's Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology enables to pajamas to keep one's skin misted. The latest service Emirates brings to its clients is really amazing; they simply want the best It's their patrons.

For those intrigued with "sea-kelp," it's brown seaweed which is commonly found in Antarctic Ocean. When used for beauty and other products, its hydrating and nutrient-rich effects are the main draw.

"Sea-kelp" pajamas seem to be not the only highlight of Emirates' moisturizing service. As Independent reports the other inclusions: "sheep-like" blankets, and restful eye masks, although, the most astonishing is their Bvlgari skincare kits. It contains VOYA products with a total of eight optional creams. In fact, they even come in a designer leather bags!

On the other hand, Conde Nast Traveler shares the startling use of this particular airline amenities especially the use of pajamas on the plane. "The reasoning is twofold. For one, it's much more comfortable than trying to sleep in 'normal' clothes, but perhaps even more importantly, it gives you a fresh set of clothes when you land," Ben Schlappig highlights on the report.

In all, "sea-kelp" pajamas may look simple but Emirates seeks the best for their clients! For more travel news, keep following Travelers Today.