For many travelers, USA's Los Angeles city is already a cliché tourist's destination. Almost of the places are just similar urban attractions which many vacationers can enjoy further somewhere else. On the other hand, it's L.A. has another side which many doesn't know yet! Tour its best from its "La La Land" locations to the under bushes of Hollywood sign.

According to Independent's latest news, going to Terranea Resort is one of the best ways to start touring the other side of Los Angeles, USA. It's just an hour break from the city's glamor but definitely a perfect weekend getaway for simple self-discovery to family and friends get-togethers. 

For the next, Path to Clarity makes the best spa destination for the other side of Los Angeles. In this place is supposedly where Mariah Carey gets herself a very relaxing spa treatment. 

In another report by Huffington Post, it shares "La la land" inspired trip where tourists can enjoy the other side of Los Angeles. For those looking for another adventure in one of USA's major city, strolling around Griffith Park to the under bushes of Hollywood is a good way to get an exciting one. 

When going to Los Angeles, it's all about the most famous icon which is the Hollywood sign. From the observatory, it's just one to two hours walk. Vacationers can take a lot of pictures or they can just enjoy the scenery in here.

Lastly, LA Weekly highlights the other fun things to see and enjoy in Los Angeles which many doesn't know yet. Start touring the other side of LA with "The Collectivists," see its fascinating displays of paintings, sculptures, and mixed Medias. While going to Villa Aurora and Wayang, opens more doors for creative traveler juices.