The latest event that will get the high-profile and other tourists to fly in Paris is the upcoming Haute Couture Fashion Week Show. It is current happening now in Paris so a massive addition of security personnel and measure is slated to further protect everybody with any possible danger of attack. This is in connection with the last Kim Kardashian West robbery and terrorists' attacks.

According to the Telegraph, extra security measures for Haute Couture Fashion Week Show are additional identity check, strict baggage inspection, more armed soldiers, and installation of cement barriers. Notably, this will start from the airport to the streets and high-profile housing of the city visitors.

After months of Kim Kardashian West's gunpoint robbery in a hotel in Paris, this served a strong basis why the government insisted on deploying larger security measures in the place on the event of Haute Couture Fashion Show. It's a strong assurance for everybody that they are working their way to get tourists their safety while vacationing in the most iconic place.

In a report by Conde Nast Traveler, it shares more about the extreme security measures Paris is taking for Haute Couture Fashion Week Show. Supposedly, all this is called Operation Sentinelle which is really an organized government operation set in place after Charlie Hebdo terror attacks.

Supposedly, Paris government has been shaken by the two events of last terror attacks and Kim Kardashian West's robbery. Travelers can rest assured that with Haute Couture Fashion Week Show ending, the new protocol will not end with it as well.

"Tourists enjoying the City of Lights often find themselves surprised to be walking side-by-side with military armed forces in the streets of Paris, but for us Parisians, it has become commonplace," this is what Paris local publication Politico revealed further. In all, all travelers planning a grand trip in Paris, they will feel safer today than never before because of this.