It's almost the end of January now and it means Valentine's Day is getting nearer as ever. At these times, almost all luxurious hotels are fully-booked now. It means there's no more place for couples to spend moments somewhere sweet. There's no need to fret! In here's the list of a much better option for a more romantic getaway, surely the world's top floating hotels can be all nicer alternatives.

In a report by Independent, it highlighted top 5 amazing "floatel" or floating hotels around the globe though only the best two will be explored. Starting with great river views to submerged underwater rooms, this places will definitely spark a Valentine Day's getaway.

Manta Resort - In Tanzania's Pemba Island lovers looking for a nice Valentine's Day stay can try out their submerged rooms which their biggest draw as a floating hotel. They also offer an all-inclusive package for food to accommodation.

Off Paris Seine - This is France's first ever floating hotel which is again another fascinating place to get into the Valentine's Day vibe. With a luxurious room overlooking a river and Instagrammable deck design, any couple will surely fall in love.

The above noteworthy floating hotels are surely great places to spend an affectionate night during Valentine's Day. Although they aren't all it, Vogue also shares another one of the world's best.

Taj Lake Palace - a five-star hotel accommodation on a boat, this is the biggest reason why couples should try this out for this Valentine's Day. The most exciting part of this world's best floating hotel is that it's originally a secret getaway for India's Maharana Jagat Singh II.

Lastly, Accordingly, Daily Mail reports about the London's newest investment which is Good Hotel. It's a former floating Dutch jail which will be towed to the city's coastline to serve as a luxurious accommodation for travelers soon.