Looking for a vegetarian cuisine along Europe's neighborhood today isn't as hard as it was before. Now, there are a lot of hotels which offers mouthwatering Risotto, pasta, or any no-meat food dishes. Here is the ultimate list of the most notable places which offer the best vegetarian-friendly around the continent.

To start on the list of the Europe's top vegetarian-friendly hotels, the Telegraph shares the best three. From London to North Wales, each offers gluten-free and healthy dishes to quench any vegetable loving guests.

Lancrigg - the hotel incredibly serves luscious vegetarian meals by young dynamic chefs from the beautiful Cumbrian village of Grashmere. It's, in fact, one of the most famous already in the area for many tourists because of their excellent menus.

La Suite West - this is again one of London's best vegetarian-friendly hotel, their biggest draw is their raw vegan menus. With sumptuous salad plates and amazing kinds of pasta, a vegan dream will surely be complete here.

Tremeifion Vegetarian & Vegan Hotel - North Wale's vegetarian gem, this place is simply amazing which can deliver the most mouthwatering vegan meat-free dishes suited for any guest's taste. The site's picturesque sceneries add well to the things the hotel offers.

For the next, Independent reports the top best vegan-friendly hotels in London. Indeed, all of them come from the wide selection of homes to luxurious accommodation that can provide the best meat-free dishes in the area.

Northcote - Lancashire's inclusion on the top vegetarian-friendly hotels offers other Michelin-starred chefs on the plate. Chef patron Nigel Haworth and Lisa Goodwin-Allen uses only the best organic produce from their own garden which all the guests love about this place.

Lastly, veganvisitor.com finishes the list of all Europe's top vegan-friendly hotels. Travelers can visit their official site for the complete whereabouts of the restaurants and hotel. Included there are their prices and menus.