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Five Cat Cafes In Singapore Animal Lovers Must Not Miss

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Mar 07, 2017 03:43 AM EST

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Do you love cats? You can cozy up and eat your desserts in these five cat cafes in Singapore. These cafes let you pet, play and learn all about the story of each cats living in the establishments. Travelers Today also get to find out how the owners rescued some of their feline friends on the streets.

If you chance upon going to Singapore, don't miss these cat cafés

The Cat Café. Located in Victoria Street, people can just come in here, enjoy their coffee and pet the cats. If you're not into caffeine, no worries! The establishment has tea, juice, and sodas, too. All cats from this place were rescued as they were just abandoned in the streets. They were saved by a group of volunteers, and now they have found their purr-fect home. Pay up $15 and spend the whole day with the cats. 

Meomi Cat Café.  Head to Kampong Glam to find this place! For the stray cats, they are rather quite huge. Travelers Today asked the owner why and how and he said that's just the way cats are in Singapore. Meomi has a couple of toys, cat houses, and ladders for the cats to play with.

And here's one thing most people noticed: the little felines like to stare at the glass door. What's with that? All kitties here are adorable and would like to play with humans, except for one cat who decided to fit himself in a small cardboard box and do away with humans. Oh, everybody loves playing with Mario - the café's Munchkin Cat! Also order some fresh waffles and juices when you're here. 

The Company Cat. The establishment is being run by cat officers! They have interesting titles like Meownaging Director, Social Media Meownager and Hos-purrtality Meownanger among many others. Curious? Then come over here and curl up with their cats over some noodles, sausages, and some "catppuccino." All cats here are rescues and strays. 

Neko No Niwa. The mother of all Singapore cat cafés, Neko No Niwa started the trend of not just people lounging in cafés, but as well as educating the public of taking care of a cat. Their mantra, "Adopt, don't buy!" proved to have set the pace on how the country should see animal welfare. They opened their business in 2013 and had adopted 13 cats since. Check all the cats on their website.

The Cat Museum. This is the first cat museum in the whole world that shares to the public the history of Singaporean cats. Also, there's a World Art, Craft & Photography on cats and the establishment also displays famous felines on pop culture like Garfield. Oh, they have a cute mascot too - the cross-eyed cat Harry!

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