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Discover Singapore’s Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations That Makes It A City That Has It All

Singapore highlighted its top green spots as your next travel destinations.


Singapore Tailors Travel Guide Based On Emotions With Headsets

Scientists have created a device to record a person's emotional response in each experience so that future travelers can tailor their travel plans according to their emotions.


Five Reasons Why Singapore Cuisine Is One Of The World's Best

Singapore's cuisine stems from China -- also a haven of amazing food. Singapore is known for its national dish: the Hainanese chicken, and with handmade ingredients makes every dumpling bite memorable and exciting.


Five Cat Cafes In Singapore Animal Lovers Must Not Miss

Do you love cats? You can cozy up and eat your desserts in these five cat cafes in Singapore. These cafes let you pet, play and learn all about the story of each cats living in the establishments. Travelers Today also get to find out how the owners rescued some of their feline friends on the streets.


Five Nature Spots To Visit In Singapore

Singapore is famous for its cityscapes and modern life. However, the country is not without its natural parks and reserves as well. It serves as a welcoming respite from the busy state of the city. Singapore has four nature reserves, 59 parks, 271 neighborhood parks and 63 park connectors, according to Fun in Singapore.


Top 5 Travel Updates From Singapore; From Passports To New Parks

Heads up! A lot of things are developing around Singapore to serve locals and tourists alike for the better. Here are clips and bits about the country.


The Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore

Singapore is not just about the country's best offerings during daytime. Come night are rooftop bars that offer endless delights to travelers from all over the world.


Travel Tips: The Best Places To Bring Your Kids In Singapore

Singapore offers several destinations that are perfect for kids. Here are some of the best family-friendly places where you can bring your kids here.


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