Singapore is famous for its cityscapes and modern life. However, the country also has wonderful natural parks and reserves as well, serving as a respite from the busy state of the city. This place has four nature reserves, 59 parks, 271 neighborhood parks and 63 park connectors, according to Fun in Singapore, and here are the the top five that are worth checking out.

Singapore Botanic Gardens. This is a 74-hectare garden where families can lounge in the grass and have picnics on their own. Moreover, people can find tons of joggers and fitness groups waking up early in the morning to exercise. It has themed gardens like the National Orchid Garden, which houses 1,000 species, and the Botanic Garden has features like the Ginger Garden, Rain Forest Garden, Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse, and the Bonsai Garden. Entry here is for free (except for the Orchid Garden).

Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The garden has two architectural landscapes on Jurong Lake. The Chinese Garden has two pagodas (it was under renovation when we went there), Peking style Stone Boat and Tea House, statues of famous Chinese characters, and the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum of over 200 turtles. You can get to feed the turtles for S$1. The Japanese Garden is zen and minimalist, providing a calm to visitors. Plenty of ice cream sandwiches awaits tourists, too!

Singapore Zoo. You can find various attractions here, and animals are just roaming freely around the zoo. Swinging monkeys may surprise when they jump on your back! There are plenty of animal shows around the zoo. Want to have breakfast with the orangutans? You can for S$33.

Haw Par Villa. Thsi is arguably of the most bizarre places to visit in Singapore. The Haw Par Villa is considered as the "theme park made in hell, " and you can only imagine why. It has more than 1,000 statues depicting 150 dioramas from mythologies. Certainly, this is not for kids.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park And MacRitchie Nature Trail. This is the oldest park in Singapore, and you won't be missing this one out. You can find the trail at the center of the country in the largest water reservoir. It has a TreeTop Walk too where you can enjoy being high above the air. You can also enjoy kayaking, canoeing and fishing in the area.