Going on a vacation is one's chance to enjoy some quality and stress-free time alone. But for pet lovers, a getaway will be boring and lifeless without them bringing their beloved fur-friends. Oftentimes, looking for a nice hotel that allows guests with pets can be quite nerve-racking. If you're headed or in to Singapore, here are some of the best pet friendly accommodations you can check out. 

Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

With an amazing view to the Marina Bay and an easy access to thousands of shops and restaurants, Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel is one of the best choices for travellers who are visiting the country. This hotel, which is a Hall of Fame on TripAdvisor, allows your pets to stay and sleep with you inside their world-class hotel rooms. According to The Honey Combers, Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel also serves pet food for your beloved cats or dogs.

Regent Singapore

This luxury hotel in Singapore is situated near the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It offers a courteous accommodation, top-notch cuisine and ultimate urban oasis for both human guests and their pets, most especially, the dogs. Regent Singapore has its own pet amenities including a food and water bowl, as well as beds specially-made for dogs.

Capella Singapore

The Capella Singapore sits in the Sentosa Island, making the hotel a perfect place for people who want to feel some fresh vibe and tranquillity. Guests can choose to stay in the hotel's beautiful Premier Rooms, or the luxurious Singaporean villas. The hotel provides a dog cushion, as well as food and water bowls. In addition, guests are also allowed to swim in the private villa pools with their pets, Vanilla Pup says.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Located in the Orchard Boulevard, Four Seasons Hotel showcases a deluxe Asian living with interiors that are derived from the fusion of the traditional and modern style. Guests can bring with them one pet which weighs not more than 8kg. The hotel also provides a food and water bowl for your pet, a dog bed and a toy. However, pets are not allowed in the swimming pool area and restaurant of the hotel so better keep an eye on them.

The Wagington

If you want to have some time for yourself but at the same time, worried about leaving your pets alone, this hotel located in the Loewen Road is the perfect place to bring your fur-friends. The Wagington is strictly a hotel for pets only. The pet owners can choose from Royal, Junior, Feline and Superior suites. Your pets will experience a luxurious stay at The Wagington in the comfort of a waterproof blanket, spa service, fitness walks, and an pet-exclusive pool.