Traveling to a place like Nicaragua is not on every backpacker's bucket list. But little did people know that this country is one place where you can actually explore some of the most beautiful towns and heritage of the Central America. Here are some of the things that you must take note before visiting.

Try to learn some Spanish basics

The Spanish language is widely spoken in Nicaragua and most people here are not native English speakers. Learning a little bit Spanish words will actually help you feel at ease especially when buying something or asking for directions.

Nicaraguans observe courteousness

Nine out of ten Nicaraguans are Christians. There is no doubt that during your stay in this country, you will often hear the locals say "Adios" which is literally translated as "to God", as a greeting. Most Nicaraguans are polite and courteous especially to foreign visitors, so make sure to bring back the courtesy to them. Addressing a stranger by using "usted" is also a sign of being polite.

Finding a place is not easy

Looking for a specific street or house in Nicaragua is quite an adventurous game to play. According to Lonely Planet, you can seldom find streets in Nicaragua, which have their own names or houses that have specific numbers. So make sure to bring with you all the memory that you have and try to remember all the landmarks and reference points that you will find.

Hospedajes are everywhere

If you are going to Nicaragua with a limited budget, you do not have to worry about your accommodation expenses because there are a lot of hospedaje (lodging) where you can stay. According to Rough Guides, , you can already avail for a twin-size bedroom for US$5 to US$10. If you want a more luxurious accommodation, you can also go on hotels located in the main towns. 

Nicaragua is a haven for nature lovers

For people who cannot afford to Panama or Costa Rica, Nicaragua is definitely the perfect fit. Over the years, Nicaragua's tourism has become more and more popular because of the good reviews coming from nature lovers. You can go on hiking to the Ometepe Island where you will be joined with species of monkeys. You can also try the extreme "volcano boarding" in the Cerro Negro that you can seldom find in any other active volcanoes in the world. Aside from these, Nicaragua also has plenty of majestic beaches such as the Corn Islands that are perfect for every traveler who wants to relax or do some underwater activities like snorkeling or scuba diving.