Asia is very popular among travelers especially to those who are on a tight budget. But despite the fact that this continent is far cheaper compared to other luxurious travel getaways, it has also some of the most romantic sites for couples. If you are thinking of bringing your loved one to a romantic trip but want to save some cash, here are some of the most romantic destinations in Asia that you must check out. 


Couples can indulge themselves into the most amazing full bloom cherry blossoms. Most major cities in the country such as Osaka and Tokyo experience the cherry blossom season during the months of April and May so better mark your calendars on these dates. 


Home to 7,107 wonderful islands, the Philippines is among the cheapest yet most romantic travel destinations in Asia for couples. From hotel accommodations, restaurants, white-sand beaches, old churches and even extreme outdoor adventures, this Southeast Asian country is absolutely budget friendly. According to Tripzilla, the Philippines is gifted with the abundance of pristine paradise such as Boracay and Palawan where couples can experience an amazing relaxation and delight without going home with empty pockets.

There are also many cultural and historical sites in the Philippines such as in Vigan and in Ilocos that are perfect for couples who just want to spend their day taking pictures together while appreciating that rich heritage of the country.


Thailand's picture-perfect view, majestic islands, rich culture, and exotic experiences make the country one of the perfect budget-friendly destinations in Asia for couples. You can experience the dynamic vibe in Bangkok, or go on several underwater adventures in the beautiful island of Phuket. With limitless options to do and to choose from, this Asian gem will bring the best out of every couple travelers without spending too much.


Maldives, the smallest country in Asia in terms of physical size, consists of approximately 1,192 coral islands. According to Trips to Discover, romantic getaways here mostly begin in Male, the country's capital city. The beauty of the beaches that are situated in this country are almost unbelievable--the Maldives arguably has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with its crystal blue sea and white powder sand. The marine life in this country is literally astonishing as well. 


There is an amazing array of mountains, beaches, temples, cities and rivers that is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together here. You can see vendors along the streets selling good-quality food and items that definitely suit your budget. You can also visit Sapa, a relatively small yet breath-taking highland town in Vietnam which is known to be the most romantic destination in the country. You can step foot to the wonderful Vietnamese sites such as the Heaven Gate, Sapa Stone Church and the Sapa Market--commonly known as the "love market".