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The Best Vineyards To Visit In The US

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 06:42 AM EDT

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Wine Grapes Harvest
Looking for a relaxing wine tasting experience in the United States? Here are some of the best vineyards that you must visit.
(Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

There are literally hundreds of wineries that can be found all over the America, which makes it the fourth largest wine producing countries in the world. For more than three centuries, America has been recognized for making world-class wines that are made from native species of grapes and berries.

However, the wine industry in the US is not just all about making wines. Nowadays, there are many vineyards all over the country which are turned into tourist facilities. Here are some of the best vineyards in all of America that you must definitely take a look.

1. King Family Vineyards

Located at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, Virginia, this vineyard has been also known to be one of the most famous venues for weddings. The farm is approximately 327 acres, 28 acres of which are planted with petit verdot vines, merlot, cabernet franc, viognier and chardonnay while the remaining space, which can hold a mass of wine enthusiasts, is allotted for the tasting room and other special events.

2. Stony Hill Vineyard

The Stony Hill Vineyard in St. Helena, California is the place where the first chardonnay grapes in the Napa Valley were planted. Its founders, Fred and Eleanor McCrea, strived to create their own Burgundian-style wine that is mixed with just a little touch of oak. Despite the caveats from experts that the couple's plan will not work, they still decided to create such wines which later on turned into stunning Chablis-style chardonnays. These wines can actually be stored in bottles while preserving their silk and natural taste.

3. McFadden Farm

The McFadden Farm has been existing in Mendocino County, California since 1970. According to Harpers Bazaar, what makes this place unique among any other wineries in the country is the fact that this vineyard has been practicing organic farming and has been cultivating organic grapes for their wine produces since it officially started. Guests of this vineyard are seated with a feast of some amazing wines while the owners and winemakers share the story on how the vineyard has sustained the production of sparkling and tasty wines for over 40 years.

4. Sterling Vineyards

Rested above the town of Calistoga in California, the Sterling Vineyards have some of the most dramatic panoramic views of the Napa Valley, The Daily Meals says. The walkways and balconies along the vineyards are especially made for guests who would like to have a glimpse to the vineyards' facilities for wine making. The elegance of the wine tasting rooms adds up to the perfect view of the vineyards' perfect location and Mediterranean-style architecture. This place is composed of 10 different terriors that produce Sauvignon Blanc, Petiti Verdot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many others. 

5. Chateau Grand Traverse

Chateau Grand Traverse is one of the largest and oldest producers of quality wines in the state of Michigan. It was founded by Edward O'Keefe in 1974. Chateau Grand Traverse was considered to be the first winery from Michigan that produced an ice wine. Said ice wine was even served during the inauguration of President George H.W. Bush in 1989. Chateau Grand Traverse produces both red and white wines while focusing of high-quality Rieslings at the same time.

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