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Las Vegas On A Budget: Five Affordable Places That Serve Good, Affordable Food

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Mar 01, 2017 04:05 AM EST

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Finding good food while you are in a tight budget can be a hard thing to do for others especially when you are in a place as grand as Las Vegas. But little did people know that there are actually a lot of cheap eats that you can find in the streets of the Sin City.
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If you are in Las Vegas where there are plenty of luxurious casinos and establishments in every corner, you might think that the it has no place for people who are in a tight budget--well, you're wrong. 

If you are on a budget and you want to pig out in Sin City, all you have to do is look for cheap eats that will serve you quality food for reasonably low prices. Here are some of the spots that will get you started. 

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza

Craving pizza but worrying about your budget? Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza is the perfect place for you. For just $7.65, you'll get an 11-inch thin crust pie with all the toppings that you want. The artisanal ingredients go perfectly with their signature freshly-made pizza dough that is crisped and cooked to perfection.

The Noodle Man

The Noodle Man serves fresh Asian noodles that are prepared and pulled by hand right in front of you. Nowadays, you can seldom see restaurants in Vegas that has this kind of service. The meat topping the noodles is seasoned to perfection and just literally melts in your mouth. According to Las Vages Eater, for just $8, you can also slurp a piping hot homemade Zha Jiang noodle or the tasty Shanxi knife slice noodle soup.


The cost of quality Italian pizza can be quite intimidating. But in this pizza house in Las Vegas, you can already indulge yourself in an authentic wood-fired Pizza Napoletana for only $8.50, The Guardian says. Settebello always sees to it that the ingredients for their menu are fresh and authentic. In fact, it imports high quality ingredients such as flour, tomatoes, prosciutto cotto and parmesan cheese straight from different parts of Italy.

Tacos El Gordo

Craving tacos? This Mexican food hub that was originally established in 1972 serves a jam-packed menu featuring the staples of the classic Mexican cuisine. You will just have to invest for a good amount of time waiting because Tacos El Gordo has a serious number of customers especially during weekends. But once your tacos and burritos are served, it will definitely be worth all the wait.

Plumeria Thai Café

From their special Pad Thai, Thai Grilled Pork, to the Stir Fry and Thai Curry, Plumeria Thai Café will definitely bring you to an authentic Thai experience. This place has already been distinguished in Las Vegas as an excellent spot for the best Thai cuisine in all of Nevada because of its outstanding interpretation of the classic Thai dishes. 

Finding and eating good food does not always have to be expensive. Just do a little research and you will be surprised to discover that behind those glistening lights are a lot of budget-friendly restaurants that serve top-notch quality dishes.

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