Changi Airport will soon offer futuristic services like robots mapping the floors and other sci-fi like movie scenes. This comes after Changi Airport launches Living Lab to future proof the premises. With the collaboration from Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Living Lab aimed at creating technology that will enhance customer experience and security of the passengers.

Changi Airport is known for pioneering state of the art facilities and services which enhance the overall airport experience. It recognises the importance of creating innovations that will make the airport ahead of its competitors. It seeks to attract as more passengers as possible.

Several areas will be tested with the technologies of Living Lab. These innovations will include automation and robotics to drive airport workforce with optimum efficiency and productivity. They will also implement data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) to collect real-time data necessary for the airport's operation.

Living Lab will also create technology that will secure the airport and its passengers with less intrusion. Non-intrusive security facilities will improve passenger experience and reduces the hassle of undergoing security clearance. Other smart infrastructures they are looking at include putting sensors and smart controls to the convenience of its passengers.

Changi Airport is now testing some areas with their latest creations. Automated cleaning robots are now being used to clean tracks and dirt on the floor of the terminals. They are also exploring the possibility of creating automated vehicles to transfer passengers between terminals.

Taxi queue analytics will determine how many passengers are on the line and what is the estimated waiting time. Technological solution like this is very important to help manage the airport and its growing number of passengers. At present, the airport welcomes 55 million passengers per year.

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