If you are a yogi and you haven't heard of Bali, you may ask, where is Bali? Well, it is an island province in Indonesia. It is located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Now, where are the best places to do yoga in this side of the world?

Even if yoga originated in India, it is in Bali that most yogis prefer to visit. The tropical climate and the beaches have added to the beauty of yoga practice. There are many silent sanctuaries in Bali that serve as haven for yoga classes. Here are some of the best places to do yoga in Bali:

The Yoga Barn in Ubud is very inviting among vegans and spiritual pursuers. Its Garden Kafe serves healthy vegan meals. It is seated at the foot of a picturesque mountain and lush rice fields. However, several boutiques and souvenir shops are just nearby. A flower bath in the Kush spa after a day of yoga class is divine!

Unlike the Yoga Barn, the classrooms at the Radiantly Alive, Ubud  are smaller, thus the ritual is more intimate. For budget conscious seekers, this studio is quite pricey. However, the classes are more direct and more powerful. It serves the purpose of improving and healing your well-being after the session.

In local language, Taksu means "the incredible essence of Spirit". A yogi is expected to experience the Taksu dwelling within him after the class. The Taksu Yoga, Ubud provides intimate and private classes. The rooms are smaller so large groups may not be admitted.

Shankira Yoga Retreat is quite far from where most of the yoga houses are. While others are located in Ubud, Shankira is nestled along the Sacred Balian river. It is an enchanting rural panorama where the surroundings are left untouched.

After yoga classes, it is a great treat to go to spa. Check out Travelers Today's story of where to find the best spas in Bali.