TripAdvisor, the prominent travel reference and booking site, has recently published the results of its Attractions Trend Index in Southeast Asia, and a beach market in Bali made it to the top. 

In a report, Janice Lee Fang, the Asia Pacific Communications Director of TripAdvisor, stated that the index "reveals the diverse mix of sites and activities in Southeast Asia" that are growing with more travelers moving around the region. The Sindhu Market garnered an index of 242%. It seems that many travellers got a stronger interest in this destination.

Sindhu Market is located in Sanur, Denpasar. There are many interesting activities that could be enjoyed here such as the local cuisine at the night market. Indonesian food such as satay, nasi goreng, mee goreng, sayur hijau, and fu yung hai are just some of the favorites among customers at the Pasar Sindhu. These dishes only cost about $5 and customers experience the authentic ordinary life of the villagers.

Next, travellers could delight in the breeze, sunrise or sunset while riding a bicycle. A half-day cycling tour could be arranged with a local operator for about $70. Itinerary includes stopping at local stalls, visiting the Mertasari Temple and then pedalling by the gazebo near the beach.

Moreover, visitors can also try the wonderful experience of 30-minute seawalking with professionals. A helmet will be worn on your head which enables oxygen to be pumped to you while under the water.

The Sindhu Beach is lined up with various warungs (or small restaurants) and side shops is also another attraction for vacationers. The view can be specially appreciated during dusk while drinking beers.

With this authentic atmosphere and simple relaxation, Bali's Sindhu Market can surely attract the weary and modest travellers. Do you want to satisfy your curiosity? Sneak into the simplicity of Sindhu, after all, it's trending for a reason.