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Five Best Destinations And New Hobbies To Learn In Singapore

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:28 AM EST

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New Year means a new hobby. If you couldn't wait until summer to find the right hobby class for you in Singapore then we'll list them here for you. The country is a multi-cultural nation, which means, each culture offers unique classes in arts, literature or even cooking!

Cups N Canvas. What happens when you mix coffee and art? Cups N Canvas happens. This café serves more just coffee and cakes. They hold art jams and workshops. They are located at the center of three art schools in Singapore, so, where do you think artists meet? The other room adjacent to the café is its art room where fellow artists get to paint, hold workshops or do art poetry readings. By the way, on its table are little props you can use to photograph yourself while waiting for your food. Find them at 139 Selegie Road, Singapore. Art sessions are held Saturdays and Sundays from 3 PM to 6 PM.

Jetaime Perfumery and Perfume Workshop Singapore. Want to know how to make perfumes or planning to have a startup business with one? Maybe you can even make a perfume based on your personality! They specialized in making orchid oils while having more than 400 scents of different flowers. You can either book individual, couple or team seminar workshops to craft your own perfume. They open daily and are located in 90 Good Man Road BLOCK O.

My Fishing Frenzy Academy. Head to the Southern Islands of Singapore to get a chance to catch eight anglers, snappers, and groupers and take it home with you to cook it. The waters of the southern islands house the largest reef eco-system of the country. You can either take a boat fishing program or the yacht fishing experience. The latter is suitable for beginner and costs $30 per person. Hurry, though! This hobby is quite a catch! The venue is often held at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay. The Esplanade conducts training and workshops that are globally competitive. Most of their courses are technical which includes Technical Theatre Foundation Course, Music Score Reading Programme, WSQ Demonstrate Knowledge of Production & Technical Theatre Practice and many others. Meanwhile, you can get involved in their Esplanade's Free Performances for Outdoor Theater performances. Gather your shaking knees and muster up your courage to join! Take the train, cab or bus to 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore.

Food Playground. What's the best way to explore Singapore than knowing its food culture? As stated above, the country is a multi-cultural nation, and that means cooking food by China, India, Arab, Vietnam and more. You can either learn how to cook solo or with a group. Take their Amazing Heritage Race for that fun outdoor team activity that takes you around the "fascinating sights of interest and feast on all the mouth-watering food in Singapore." Head to 24A Sago Street to enroll in the Food Playground.

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