An oil spill in Singapore is causing major environmental concerns as it reaches the popular Sentosa beaches and beyond. The spill started on Friday when a dredger under the Netherlands flag collided with a Singapore-flagged bunker vessel near the Pasir Panjang Terminal. 

This area is just six miles from Sentosa, a well-loved spot for luxury hotels and entertainment like Universal Studios Singapore.

Singapore's Sentosa Beaches Suffer as Oil Spill Spreads Rapidly

(Photo : NBC News on YouTube)

Singapore Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife

Since the accident, efforts to manage the spill have been in full force. Authorities used dispersants to contain the spill initially, but the oil has spread due to tidal movements. 

The spread is alarming as it includes the long Hari Raya Haji weekend, a time when locals and tourists usually crowd the beaches.

Reports from the Marine Stewards, a local conservation group, highlight the severity of the situation. According to CNN, photos show birds, otters, and other wildlife covered in oil. There are also dead fish and a sea snake reported. 

A spokesperson from the Sentosa Development Corporation mentioned that around 100 workers are cleaning the beaches since Monday. Yet, beaches like Tanjong, Palawan, and Siloso are closed for swimming and water activities.

The spill has also reached St. John's, Lazarus, and Kusu islands, forcing closures there too. The National Parks Board and volunteers are working tirelessly, setting up almost 1,500 meters of absorbent booms to shield coastal reserves and mangroves.

Singapore, a key hub for shipping and fuel bunkering, is on high alert as the spill threatens its marine biodiversity and fishing areas. 

Heng Kiah Chun from Greenpeace emphasized that this incident is a critical reminder of the dangers fossil fuels pose to the environment. The ongoing situation underscores the urgent need for measures to protect Singapore's cherished marine habitats.

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Singapore Tourism Hit by Oil Spill

Oil spill cleanup is ongoing at Sentosa Island in Singapore after a collision at the nearby Pasir Panjang terminal. The incident, which happened last Friday, led to the immediate closure of several beaches to ensure public safety and protect the environment. 

The collision involved a Netherlands-flagged dredger and a Singapore-flagged bunker vessel, which resulted in the spill.

Despite the disruption, port operations continue without impact, maintaining vital maritime traffic.

Sentosa's beaches, including Tanjong, Palawan, and Siloso, are closed. 

Authorities have set up signs advising visitors to avoid the water as oil patches are still visible. These beaches are part of Sentosa's appeal, which attracts millions each year with attractions such as a casino, Universal Studios, and luxury residences.

According to Travel and Tour World, the spill's timing is particularly unfortunate as it coincides with the peak tourist season in Singapore. 

Sentosa Island is crucial for Singapore's tourism, known for its blend of natural beauty and entertainment options. The current closures represent a significant interruption to the island's tourist activities.

Officials are monitoring the situation closely and working with environmental experts to minimize the damage. Updates on the cleanup and beach reopenings will be provided as efforts progress.

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