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Papua New Guinea's Beauty In Nature Showcased By A Tourist Using Instagram

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Updated: Jun 08, 2017 02:50 PM EDT

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Beach of Papua New Guinea

(Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Papua New Guinea is a tropical country located in the middle of Indonesia and Australia and yet, it is an underrated destination for tourists. But in these shots made by a tourist, it would make people longing for a tropical paradise consider this country.

Kevin Rushby, a tourist and a travel writer for The Guardian (photos are posted in this link), offers some glimpse of his adventure in Papua New Guinea. These shots show the beauty of the country underwater, a relaxing man on a boat, and an aerial view of the country.

One of Rushby's photo shows the coral reef in Papua New Guinea located at Kimbe Bay, New Britain. He shows how he passed behind a Gorgonian fan coral on the reef.

Rushby described the reefs in Papua New Guinea as one of the richest marine environments on Earth. WriteUp Cafe wrote that Kimbe Bay has the half of all the coral species found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Another photo shows a man wearing a red jacket, resting on his boat on the sea near Tufi, part of the mainland Papua New Guinea. The man, who is distinguished as a fisherman by Rushby, is resting on his dugout outrigger canoes in order to get around since the area lacks roads.

Tufi is an area in Papua New Guinea that contains tropical fjords and rich fishing grounds for indigenous people. "Fjord" is the term used to describe one of the many "rias" or drowned river valleys.

Another photo shows the beauty and the inconvenience brought by Papua New Guinea. It shows the aerial view from the plane of Rushby, an Amazon-like view of forests and rivers.

The photo shows the plane coming to land at Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Just like the other towns of the country, Moresby is not connected by road and is only accessible by board and plane.

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